The Fate of Vultures goes Underground…

Underground Book Reviews, a well-respected review site for indie and self-published authors, is about to release its review of my debut book The Fate of Vultures (it’s been a while coming!) and I’ve seen the preview, which I’m well pleased with. It’s due out on 19th December, written by Steve Wetherall, who kindly chose my […]

Pozzuoli 2016 – Day Four

Bones. Lots and lots of bones. That was day four of the Pozzuoli hols. Cimitero delle Fontanelle The Cimitero delle Fontanelle is a huge cave filled with bones. The majority are nameless, and were actually moved from sites such as churches to make way for the newly dead, around the 16th century. Having no information […]

Pozzuoli 2016 – Day Three

Day three was a scorcher. Sure, it’s Italy, but it was March, and we’re talking high summer temperatures in southern EnglandĀ at this point. Rising marginally early, I took the train to Baia, to the west of Pozzuoli, which can be seen from the coastline. In the time of old Puteoli, the old Roman pier pointed […]

In the gutter, looking at the stars…

I’ve had a horrible, horrible yeah so far. And yet some great things have continued to happen. Sinking into some weird, unknown, exhausting and mind-fogging horribleness, I’ve recovered somewhat, and feeling about 80% productive at the moment. I receded to about 15% at worst. I wrote nothing, I couldn’t read, I could hardly drag myself […]

Electoral Fraud and Why We Should Care

I’m very behind with my blog at the moment due to a health problem I am slowly scraping answers for, so forgive my tardy updates and the potential for waffle below. It’s been a struggle to write and to read, so I’ve not got much done in my aims so far this year. I have, […]

Pozzuoli 2016 – Day Two

It’s kind of hard to say anything new or interesting about the two sites I visited on day 2 of my trip: Herculaneum and Pompeii. They’re entirely more famous than any other volcanically suffocated towns (name me another – NAME ME ANOTHER!!), so I visited the former first, as I got up a little later […]

Pozzuoli 2016 – Day One

In March this year I visited Pozzuoli, near Naples, Italy. In doing some research for a new book, I discovered a woman in history called Maria Puteolana [of Puteoli – the old Roman port that became Pozzuoli], and decided to go and eyeball where she lived. The coastline of Pozzuoli and the neighbouring areas has […]

Mini Canterbury

I’m going to do a post now and again covering a titbit of history, or an amazing place to visit that is swimming in it. I’m not going to overload the info, the place should be pretty or interesting enough to speak for itself. Like this: Canterbury Cathedral. I have been there a gazillion times […]