Electoral Fraud and Why We Should Care

I’m very behind with my blog at the moment due to a health problem I am slowly scraping answers for, so forgive my tardy updates and the potential for waffle below. It’s been a struggle to write and to read, so I’ve not got much done in my aims so far this year. I have, […]

Pozzuoli 2016 – Day Two

It’s kind of hard to say anything new or interesting about the two sites I visited on day 2 of my trip: Herculaneum and Pompeii. They’re entirely more famous than any other volcanically suffocated towns (name me another – NAME ME ANOTHER!!), so I visited the former first, as I got up a little later […]

Pozzuoli 2016 – Day One

In March this year I visited Pozzuoli, near Naples, Italy. In doing some research for a new book, I discovered a woman in history called Maria Puteolana [of Puteoli – the old Roman port that became Pozzuoli], and decided to go and eyeball where she lived. The coastline of Pozzuoli and the neighbouring areas has […]

Mini Canterbury

I’m going to do a post now and again covering a titbit of history, or an amazing place to visit that is swimming in it. I’m not going to overload the info, the place should be pretty or interesting enough to speak for itself. Like this: Canterbury Cathedral. I have been there a gazillion times […]

History of the Mrs. and other stories…

During some recent and ongoing research I came across some kind of fascinating information about women’s titles and place in history in terms of marriage and all the encumbering baggage, much of which (excepting the titles essay) is covered in smaller chunks across various books I’ve read or own, and you may have too, but […]

World Reads

I was looking recently for a wider list of international books to read. Luckily someone else has done all that hard work for me. Bonus! http://www.mprnews.org/story/2016/03/08/books-ann-morgan-global-reading-list