News & New Releases

19 March 2018

So the sci-fi I said would be shorter than 30k below, is now below…45k, but hey ho. I’m actually glad, as I’ve had some very productive months. Mostly February and March, but very productive still. The sci-fi now has a name (well, always had a name, but now officially) and it’s called In Perpetuity. It’s sitting on Goodreads at the moment, awaiting the pre-release schedule. Expectant publication is 1st September 2018. More to come on the book later.

Prenitia 3 is coming along, and has a cover currently in progress. It’s been evading me as I wasn’t quite sure what and where and who I needed on top of what’s already in the story. It’s revealing itself more quicky now.

My historical WIP is standing around 83k. I have been massively productive on this over the last month. I still have some serious research to get done though, but I’m getting the story down, so I’ll have the tale ready for bulking up properly when my research is done.

The short story collection for Prenitia is almost about 80% complete. I’m still hashing out some bits and working on a cover. Not sure of a release date yet.

I’m off to Medieval Canterbury next month for some more research though. And an historical jaunt on Lundy and the Scilly Isles in May. Yeeeeeah.


26 December (Boxing Day, England) 2017

Hello me hearties. Just a little update, as I’m currently partway through a nice sparkling Italian rose and I’d like to finish this damn book.

By ‘this damn book’ I mean Prenitia 3: The Bond of Fractures. It’s been a hella long time since I got anything substantial down for it. I wasn’t blocked per se, it was more that I knew the story, I just hadn’t worked out the path. And suddenly, after a hiatus writing other stuff instead, my brain has opened back up. I will tentatively say it’s still 2018 for a release, but it may be quite late in the year.

Likely, the other two books I’m working on, both approximately 80-90% complete, will be released first. This is an historical fiction and a sci-fi novel. The historical is verging on 80k currently. The SF is on about 30k, but is going to be much shorter.

Travel-wise, I visited quite a few places since my last update in August. Eltham Palace, Farnham Castle, Runnymede and Bletchley Park to name a few. Most recent was another visit to Bodiam Castle, which will feature in my next blog, because I am, as are most castle lovers I think, obsessed with it.

20 August 2017

Technically the mega venture I just went on was research. It was, however, also proper fun. By mega venture I generally mean road trips which do not include idling about. By idling about I mean stopping off at one place all day for leisure. I have done this, I still do this, but not today, my friends, or at least the last four days. For (one of) my new book(s) I’ve been meaning to revisit some inspirational medieval places that are a bit of a trek away from where I live, and so this past week is exactly what I was doing.

Would you believe it, but many of them were castles? Also, a handful of amazing abbeys, and even a Jacobean Puritan church almost entirely intact.

I’m not a massive blogger as you may notice, but I’m likely to start charting individual places in, specifically England, likely Britain as a whole, as posts, as I’ve travelled far and wide across the country and some (many) places deserve sharing.

Look out for some absolute must-dos across Britain coming up, including the inspiration for locations in my medieval fiction, including the paradise that is Ludlow Castle.

Presently, though, I am recovering from driving brain.


22 June 2017

As you may have seen on the blog post below, I’ve had a kerfuffle with my website, and so I am gradually building it up now. You’ll get a run-down of what I’m up to in terms of writing and other interesting info, right here.

So as a mini taster book-wise, I’m currently writing a medieval coming-of-age/romance/adventure, details of which will be posted in due course. I’m at about 2/3 of the way through (approx 65k words) though words count may vary during editing as ever, but have some specific research to be doing to fill in some blanks I have. As of today I have Medieval Maidens by Kim M. Phillips for my lunchtime read.

I’m also in the process of arranging a musical I’ve written both in terms of music and scripting – I’m very possibly going to produce it as an audio-musical…eep!

There’s a collection of short stories I’m writing called Captive, which is set in Prenitia, and takes place prior to The Fate of Vultures. This is likely to be the next release.

And The Bond of Fractures, Of Preludes & Epitaphs #3, is behind because I’ve had a bad year, but it’s getting better and I am aiming for an early 2018 release, but don’t quote me.

Stay tuned!


18 June 2017

Hi all – please do not panic! You have reached the site of Jessica o’Toole, fantasy author, lover of castles, but my site was infiltrated by rogue php in the last week.

It will soon be back up but for now I am putting up emergency measures (like my mailing list email form!).

Soon it will be back up and running!