About Jessica

Why, hello there.

Mostly all you need to know about me is there’s a likelihood I’ll either be in a castle, looking at pictures of castles I’ve been to or writing about castles at any point in time. Like right now, see?

I was born in the Midlands, but grew up in Hampshire – home of Watership Down, Jane Austen, the New Forest and…wait for it…Portchester Castle! Having tried a lot of jobs early on, nothing ever clung to my brain as much as writing did (except history, now, which laid eggs in my soul in 2001), the proverbial bug having bitten me at about age seven.

I used to write scripts a lot, and did actually get a short film funded and made several years back, but I turned to prose, because writers tend to be control freaks when they’re-a-tappin. The Fate of Vultures came about in around 2000, from a dream, which I was having whilst my CD player had The Offspring’s Conspiracy of Once album spinning (I used to listen to music religiously during sleeping). There’s a track called Vultures on it, which was the original title of the book, but which I changed last year in a series revamp. Luckily the song title happened to fit in very well with the story, but basing stories on a title you like is generally a bad idea… The dream featured four characters, who would become Leyna, Adri, Murray and Cora (only Murray kept his exact name from the start), the core cast of the Prenitian saga.

Vultures the novel went through many different storylines, each getting a little darker every time (over 15 years, and doubling my age it’s not surprising), but the great turning point I think for the whole story was the introduction of Carrta, the warlord of Kisera. I was rather gobsmacked at what he did to my story…or their story…but in a good way. Some heartbreaking stuff came from that decision. Skip to May 2014 and Vultures was released with a bad cover on Kindle because newbie indie authors aren’t always as savvy as they should be. Now in 2017, I’ve remastered The Fate of Vultures, given it and its sequel a new cover (for the third and last time) and am getting on with the third instalment.

I love fantasy writing, but oddly enough I don’t read that much of it. Some of my favourite books are American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, The Greatest Traitor by Ian Mortimer, and the great dystopias 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (the ending of which still has not left me).

Hopefully you’ll be pleased to know I’m currently working on an historical novel based in the 14th century, a sci-fi novel–which is a mass rewrite and expansion of the bones of the short film that was produced all those years ago–and, of course, The Bond of Fractures, the final instalment in Of Preludes & Epitaphs.

Now excuse me while I scream inside a little…