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Marginally off-course in terms of English medieval history, my HWIP also ventures into Napolese territory of the same period. Pozzuoli, or the old Roman port of Puteoli, is probably somewhere you haven’t heard of – if you have, then you […]

Kenilworth Castle

Excuse my directness, but, personally, I have a massive historical girl-boner for Kenilworth. Yes, it’s a huge medieval fortress, yes it had a gatehouse, yes it was the location for Roger Mortimer (grandfather to the Roger Mortimer who forced Edward […]

Ightham Mote

Now, don’t get too excited, but this didn’t look like this in the 14th century. Depending on your historical snobbery constitution, this may or may not be a disappointment. I *was* a little disappointed to discover this (as I am […]